Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tech Tuesdays

What up fools, today i'll be talking about Platform Game related topics mostly.

Anyone has a PS3? Playstation Move has posted their controller on gamestop Canada at a not-so-great price.

Well i know i'm not gonna be holding a controller with a fruity ball on top.
This will be slept on for me.

Xbox 360 Project Natal has announced to be released in October (There you go something not so fruity).
But it will be released in Saudi Arabia first? (Huh guess that's why Natal sounds so Mid Eastern).

I'll definitely get this because it's gonna be interactive as fuck.

Ps3 ya'll slacking coming out with some wii type shit now.
Late Pass?

Also whoever got Skate 3 for Xbox today hit me up on KicksTahThehead.
I created a skate team The Hundreds Skate, hit me up if you wanna join.

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