Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tech Tuesdays

This week i've seen some outrageous shit.I feel like im in 2035 or something this week.
Let's all see why:

Well you all know about the new Macbook Pro Line that has the new i7 processor, well that shit can get so hot it can boil your water, according to gizmodo. I believe them because after all the unibody is made out of aluminum. I mean such a powerful processor can probably burn a hole in my pants if i was using it as a actual LAPtop.

Tired of living on land where all the other humans live? Well now you can live in a underwater loft all by yourself. pfft i wouldn't mind but i'm also scared of giant squids:

anyway back to this underwater sanctuary:


I always wanted to go on a submarine maybe i'll be able to save up $3.5million before i die.
Take a look at this personal submarine:

oh did i mention that it's also a super face surface water boat?

more info:

We all know we need to save money on our electric bill.
This will probably help my ass alot since i got tons of fully-plugged into-extension cords:


Camera Stuff:

Haha i saw these early they made me laugh until my stomach hurted and now i'm hungry.

Canon T2i Jackie Chan Edition:


Helicopter DSLR the new local news choppers?:

Aerial video with a Canon 5D , 7D helivideo.com from Eric AUSTIN on Vimeo.