Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tech Tuesdays

From now on i will start posting various categories on my blog.
These will be the segments:
Music Mondays
Tech Tuesdays
Fashion Fridays
Skate Saturdays

Without any time wasted i will start with todays Tech Tuesdays (I may update on Thursdays too but Tech Tuesdays sounds better anyway).

Today (well as far as i know) Apple Released their new line of Macbook Pros Unibody.
These new Macbooks will feature new processors, new graphic cards, and longer battery life which will hold you down for 8-9 hours.

Doesn't look any different from the last unibody:
Well i won't be able to purchase one of these bad boys but maybe i'll go for the last generation one when it drops. The intel i5/i7 processors doesn't really appeal to me, since it's i5/i7 mobile which is dual core, there are far more laptops now a days with quad cores which are a fraction of the price.

more info here (which includes unboxing and review):

In camera news...

whaddya know House's finale was filmed with a Canon 5D MK II, DSLR video cameras are the future huh.
Which reminds me i did see someone shoot a interview with a Canon 5D MK II at Union which is pretty gnar.
He had brackets that rested on his shoulders and there was handles to hold the camera to shoot.

Here's a link on article on endgadget:

That's it for todays Tech Tuesdays, i hope i will keep this segment and the other ones consistent.
(Thanks To engadget, i will be looking for more sources for all my segments)

Oh right i will get on my shooting grind, i won't be lazy i'll start uploading and posting pics my niggas (if i don't get hella lazy).

I hope more people view my blog from now on thanks guys.

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