Friday, April 23, 2010

Fasion Fridays

Hey guys, haven't really seen any cool clothing these week so i'll show you the shoes i liked this week.

Who cannot forget this highly anticipated Movie last year?
Yup Avatar (which i always thought it was gonna be Airbender).Nike Created the Na'vi(the blue people in avatar) Air Max 90 samples:

You can actually get them here:

Alright so i always loved the New Balance Mad Hectic x Mita x blah blah MT580's.
So they came out with the 10th anniversary shoe (sickkkk).
This time it's collaborated with Mita sneakers and Mad Hectic:

These release on May 1st, i may finally Robocop a pair this time.

Vans yup that's the shoe i wear most.
So of course i had to stop and look at these.

Vans Versa Fall/Winter 2010:

Expected to release later this year

I miss Lakai they're like the coolest skate shoes imo.
Recently Lakai Collaborated with Band of Horses.
I'm pretty sure most of you heard of them, here's a quick reminder:

Here's the shoes:


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