Friday, April 16, 2010

Fashion Fridays

What up guys as i said before i will try to keep my segments consistent so let's kick it off:
Just to a little backround info on what i see fashion (of course just my personal taste and opinion), is skateboarding oriented fashion.
But it doesn't mean i don't like other clothing styles either.
Let's see what i came up with today (may be updated tonight also):

Well if you know me you should already know i love the hundreds, rockin' since 05. Always sticking to my roots lulz:

G-shocks has been popular lately, I'm pretty sure when you guys were young we had them chunky big black rubber gshocks. Nowadays they are glossy and collaborations here and there. I have one myself, it's the in4mation salmon edition (like i said skateboard oriented).

But today this is what i seen and liked so far:
If you haven't already got one well here's where you can buy it without going to a store:

Well i wanted to buy this piece from Huf today but they didn't have the color and size i needed.
Also wtf $11 shipping?
:) :

That's it for today (nah i gotch'all tonight).

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